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something there that wasn't there before
Not old gods waking,
Nor angels soaring.
Not an eagle in the sky.
Nor a mutt on the ground.
No breathing to be found here,
not one trace of locomotion.
Never a heart beating,
rare if ever a brain pulsing.
Not crawling,
vibrance as an alien entity.
(No, not even a slug inching along the ground.)
Yet, something
(and oh so easily breakable.)
Yet something
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 4 7
last dance in the first of daylight
north wind whispers dormant
penitent halls
parallax over
terrestrial falls
niche the rainstorm
wetting a coat
common the endoscope
severing throats
peace winters
christmas alike
whispers sourly
west crucible night
terminal greed basks
terminal livers
fortunate foulmouthedness
frothing givers
wise choice
to tow heights
morose yawning
mornings late
key to the server
favor would give
wished it all crawling
but how would we live
sponge cakes
adrenaline masks
torn breaker
penultimate gaps
but life is a thrill not being mourned
spike toward grave water and woodlands far
bark synapse rhythm pervasive and true
ultraviolet destiny, eternal sunset
the most beautiful lie
antique china shattering crones
lamb remnants hovering time itself
placid stroke, pentameter fugue, lace black hole
signal awaiting one faint bookshelf
whispering wings embark fruitless delta in the void
prospective pulse declaration prototype keyframe
a voice only you will know, only you may find a threat
noctis et nocht, an
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 5 13
non sequitur
Slow me down for five minutes and I will show you a sphere of black porcelain: It is you.
Reach up to it bravely with your palm, briefly rub it to a mirror shine, and if you're lucky you'll see your reflection and not someone else's.
Now let it all go. Let the sphere vanish. Is it still you? Though you cannot see it, if I am to be trusted and I've said that the sphere is you, then it is still you after it vanishes, yes.
But then why are you still here? Perhaps a better way to ask is: Are you still reading this? Then perhaps wherever that sphere is, it's still reading this too.
But does a sphere have a mind, or eyes? Can it count and read books? Can you? Maybe you're experiencing another type of existence entirely. Instead of reading these words or letting them sink into you, what if they're stronger than mere words to you. Perhaps they're a freestanding truth, dictating your life's path. After all, they've already declared you to be a shining sphere and eliminated you.
If that w
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 4 13
rekt tou peaces
in the land of forbent secrets, the one eyed bandit is pillerhead thus
with the nixt of napple flowers, a bough-eyed dye is corning
whatever sinter came loderearing, clarent bell was arched
let the worrying wolves melt their secrets abased
let your wivesisms be clasped shushly
nor meadow does eventides spring
for scurry they did gnashe
were it not but for the plukes of the lipptyfrog
sounding and scrounding her dismal name woefully
she might not have fallen forthwith as the river fallen beneath
yet consternately appealing so begrudgingly plain
it wouldn't be on nights like these, and mornings surly stained left
for their sake question i the dubious prospects of an anentropic sop towel
or tea and coffee withering speciously inane
such times when sprinkled daffodils on mountaintops
wouldst sight organic refuge inside of echoing grotendous brains
sivered and sook with a counterpart's wheel
sifting and callousing the grand orchestra infidel
moments in space, monuments of pride, and monolit
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 2 5
wouldn't it be perfect now if
everyone got their wish
like crystalline flecks of an
ode to an unborn star
and yet if I wander adrift
in this bathtub of molten cold steel
would the disboard ever be roused
like water away from a fish?
word soup scattered on buildings
like poetry warm apple pies
I grasp my fountain pen's snake head
and together through oceans we fly
rivulets claim sidewalks like circuits
staining the city blood red
wear prismatic boots on your journey
lest my ink surely leaves you for dead
glass shards invading your bloodstream
mainlining nether divine
the virus of birth in our aura
claiming your skin and bones mine
amnesia is much like memories
the code to realize your rebirth
pricked with the tip of a norn saber
your fate is not yours to design
should you select an axe for the harvest festival
upon hearing a cold cry 'aschente!'
the victor has already been chosen
but wouldn't you like to discover just why?
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 6 8
turtles all the way down
fastened tinsel of light's new leaves
welcoming electrical ire droplets
peace is a poker chip from another casino
wouldn't be wayward to have thought
you proved your igneous rock; 22, house wins
catharsis was an anthem for a brief time
"did you really think it would be that simple"
even apex predators were meant to have souls
open mindedness is a bleeding ouroboros
closed is a razor sharp halo; knows not it stings
"you were warned" etched a tomb in love letters
batch process ruse within ruse for eternity
were the chimes slanted or merely redacted
madness meets method in ancient artifacts
struggling for light with ultrasound eyes
yet why do there seem to be rocks beneath my feet
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 1 3
it is rare i've felt like i owed an explanation
Clarity and finality crackled in my grip,
as I wondered, ever younger, how I could forget.
Plans are those things for which we are betwixt,
hasting, never wasting, but rarely touching lips.
It was then I thought with mastery naught,
what else plagues those craters in which I fought?
Specks became anthills became plains became memories,
cursing and spitting and doubting all the way.
And yet, despite myself, some gladness remained.
Launching yet again, I gloried at the vastness of space.
But there are asteroids in space, my love, as well as on this earth.
And there is nothing so convincing as the unsightly to make you question your worth.
Ancient radioactivity causing the pits and chasms to stand out so bright,
fueled by the longings for a sparkle on lonely dark nights.
Too broken, too many holes, too many shining lights.
All that glitters is not gold, and sometimes gold darkens itself out of spite.
It's a simple matter of statistics, you see,
I bade in woe to the elation chasing me.
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 4 9
blue skies
shivering spine bonded with twine
no visage in sight but thine divine
yet to shine so merrily upon this cline
present forsaken, rent and bent undefined
posthumously, eclectically, didactically strip-mined
tranquil escapades naught perchance to dine
treading stardust breaking wake over lines
supernovae exact a cosmic fine
stars glowing and bubbles blowing
bubbling smiling with grand foreboding
soulless apricot we're truly showing
spices ebbing and parsimony flowing
sweet as a plum and surely growing
dashed with ash, met this smash outmoding
yet none at night would hear the waterfalls crowing
energy matrix betwixt with remission
lightly-salted royal five star submission
within cerebral oceans chased with perdition
tis only tradition to be a healthy tactician
yet through this condition, laced with contrition
lets forth to the skies a stolid petition
"face me" unto the skies would wreck
with leave to cut down a gosling's neck
menace me slyly for i am heck
and into my bowels i would direct
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 9 20
goethite cabochon in wilhelmina's furnace
"I never saw a couple so in love as those two"
                             I'd like people to say that.
    never shone so brightly,
whether sunrises gold or snowflakes blue.
our sounds scattered waves
 and their tones planted violets.
              incandescent ochre so slight you might
         mistake it when our eyes lit.
lode's welcome grasp graced battered haste
    icthyic teetotaling asps bade sanguine chaste
            whilst wanton clasp trode languid wastes.        
       the angler's rasp bore umbral tastes...
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 6 18
conditional exeunt, stratified curses
torn (tires) in the darkness
worn (fossils) in the night
i need (to get rid of) this
wor(l)d-(h)e(a)ting spite
my patterns are (n)ever perfect
my ang/le/el/s are always (t)rite
and my only solace is that, one day
these (b)ru(i)ses must face the light
(sor)did (day)break apart her soul
the (un)dead queen must find her (w)hole
sleeping (fit)fully six feet under
d(sc)reaming only of (y)our goal
(sm)ashes (gn)ashes inside and out
i've (be)come (them) was its unheard shout
(esca)late m(isc)arriage to eternal slumber
abort(ed) (fet)us in a drought
yet should this end happily, unlike the rest
surely you'll agree we haven't behaved our best
so weep not if your angel breaks from her step
to mute any mistakes which intrude on her zest
and allow her to rip their hearts from their chests.
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 10 20
revenge - on the final curtain call
now that i have everyone's attention,
i must say: i am not amused.
i'm not an author; i cannot write.
i'm a defenseless newborn ray of light
so blithely crushed and abandoned.
as innocent as can be
(and as trusting, too)
so unsuspecting,
so pure and clean.
guess it wasn't enough for you.
it is with great reluctance
i attempt to ascend the great crystal staircase:
to look down upon myself
to see how deeply i've been
"my poor little lost girl", she said to me.
my dreams are gone, my heart is tired.
my hopes are dead, my legs are weak.
and though you may listen,
i've finally learned it's pointless for me to speak.
i won't go quietly into the night, but i do exact a toll:
you'll never get to see me smile.
you'll never get to see me bloom on my own.
i can't move on. you were needed for that.
you've buried me in the dirt, and buried is how i'll stay.
                        welcome to hell.
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 10 45
revenge - on seekers of the truth
Much like a certain heroin(e)
I have a superpower:
The ability to know if    
                               is lying or not,
                                   including myself.
It means that
while there's nothing protecting me from making a fool of myself,
I can at least know when something I'm
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 6 36
because this is what we've been reduced to
And so I think it's time to talk about her.
Well, at least a little.
Tried again and again, endlessly stopped short
When it wasn't the lack of knowing what to say
It was taking exception to the content itself
Scratching around for traces of scrapes
Scrubbing DNA from the walls and licking my fingers
Make sure you get the good parts underneath your nails.
Unable to tolerate the subjection to subjugation
Substantiated with not one drop of irony or subversion
Mechanically molding the substrates of a cruel reality
"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes" indeed
Of course, the answer is no one
Of course, the answer was supposed to be me.
Echoing into a gravity well where light can't escape
All this glass will lose coherence on its own; why bother shattering it?
No, this theme park tour was sanctioned, that's the point
Does her vibrance ricochet off the cheeks of deluded fools
Expressions etched in stone; certainly theirs is the true vision?
"This is going to be one of our more difficult days, isn't
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 11 51
cymbal crash in a molten shadowsphere
She lifts her Keyblade
She takes a swing
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 3 12
death is so last century when there's love to do
the rainbow circles shudder and jest
orbiting an axis neither two dimensional nor three
a neon lightshow in your own star-filled sky
i peer into it without hesitation or handbrakes
sliding into heaven's gravity well; a secret known only to me
nothing untoward, milady; it's only to get a glimpse of you
a peaceful village; alive at day but booming at night
split hastily apart by an invisible tidal force
everyone's searching for the cause; did you know the village is you?
earthquakes, lava, and lightning strikes
panic in the streets, the end is near for us all
you need not fear it, young miss, not with me here as your guide
let's not waste our time changing particles into waves
- or was it the other way around?
the details hardly matter to me when we're as one
so can we abandon all our former fates
letting our inertia follow this passage on through
trusting that the river styx will someday meet the nile?
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 4 15
pleasure is boring when there's death to be done
round and round she clomped like a Scottish superrobot
clean and advanced in concepts but smelling slightly too strong of kitsch
lasers blasting and bugles blazing everywhere
but could really use a couple more smidges of elbow grease
the taste of "dynasty" wanes
replaced with the crisp crystalline spark of purified water
it snaps and booms recalcitrantly under the lightning shield
a five-dimensional sphere retains barnacles of boredom if left unwashed by brine
race to the end of the finish line, halted when stuck dividing by two
piece by piece the wisdom jettisons out into raft-over jetties
occasionally recombined, rarely reuptaken, never retrofit as it stands
and yet we wonder why its fusion reactor is not holding tight
reaction systems are by nature reactionary; forming pulse into parlance
and vacations in marrakesh are quite the non sequitur
or was it that godforsaken Indian town?
nevermind then; stories from across the hallways, our children wouldn't know
and it's nice that instead
:iconqueenelsawitch:QueenElsaWitch 4 5


...but nobody came.
you will wake up in the morning,
when the day is fresh.
you may not recall the way you fell
but you will feel your flesh,
slick with dew and aching.
you will not see the sun
conquer the horizon.
it has beat you
down and out,
like passion's flame.
you will shatter at the mention
of remembrance.
at the ankles, you will glass
and crash accordingly.
you were built for this,
the pressure of existence.
you recall
that you were told
you could do it all.
night will not welcome you.
you will call out to windows
and thunder out desperate text.
there will be times
that the dark
its teeth are stark white.
it will happen again.
the day you escape
does not lose its quarry
there will be aching
and shaking,
and fainting
i will be you
and you
will be better.
you can do
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 36 25
elk twitch
stole my own breaths
back, couldn't keep them
in. pant ragged and
careened, tight wound around
the limb. lunge
manic, my will
must not ring thin.
thumb nose at white
rows and refuse
to give in. recalibrate
the horrors and
defend; rend the sanity
if it impedes the win.
when the astral throws
curses, the earth must grin
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 12 3
danced in heartstrung patterns
like there's fire
in you.
never been doubted,
how your tongue
curses and blesses
in stride.
tell me again how i wasted my
teeth, ground down
tell me again how i made
your scars
my own.
solemn, your archives
of wisdom let grow
free from contraint.
you split each eve
in at least four
tell me again how i taste when your
feet aren't tethered so
tell me again how you make
your stars
your own.
wrath wrapped sly in silken
pose and dared glimpse, you
color them wanting.
pleasure like limbs
love pressure and
tell me again how the shadows
pull all of us, deliberate
and flawed.
tell me again
that i
quiet as the dawn of time
and prone to such forces as
only you know.
you've made
an island
tell me again how your spine
peals, how your heels
skirt, how you live.
tell me again
and again
i am missed.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 19 8
lying to the cat
we are home dear cat
no we didn't have salmon
and steak for our lunch
no we didn't ride the train
have some nice turkey cat food
:iconcattservant:cattservant 7 10
chaotic theory
the back of my hand is streaked
with my own blood;
don't worry, i'm going to be fine
if i have to force myself to it
at the sharp end of a knife.
waking hours revolve around
the sleeping nights, and i feel like
that's wrong,
but who's going to correct me
when they know the sharp edge of my wit
is so quick to jump to the defence
of my lacking humanity?
pardon the silence.
woebegone dreamer trying to think,
this morning goes too slowly
and the afternoon too quickly,
and someone explain why this wait
cannot ever seem to end,
if not because the gates are not closed
but nonexistent and all the time
we are allotted
is for our own purpose rather than
the toy of some fateful folly.
kitten, you play with that string
and forget that it is
your own mind tied in knots.
:iconladyoffrost:LadyOfFrost 7 2
strong steps falter
and in the same breath, they catch.
what are you waiting for,
the better days
that you tell yourselves you're making?
dreams splintering along
the abandoned mantelpiece
that used to be
such a glorious altar of hope –
all fled into the could have been,
now, beyond the reach
of those sad eyes that beg for
second chances and first time successes,
to be bitter yet ambitious must be
a conflicted curse, and yet we suffer.
what nectar exists for this,
what treacle of old days and pills of new
to ease the malaise of staring at grey skies
and fierce storm's eyes?
perhaps we were meant for more,
but the world is a banker,
fists all too tight around the diamonds,
and there are safes that cannot
be broken into without breaking down.
:iconladyoffrost:LadyOfFrost 4 2
these scarlets
march through dimming streets
so darling and discrete,
fire in the riot
of sleep.
no choirs
pardon us,
pleading with lyredust
harping in our
wildest dreams.
you have the stars strung
round you, out
of reach. my admiring
void takes heed.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 8 5
circuit of your emanation
rekindling in my mind.
i have reviewed your adornment
in endlessly tormenting
cycles i kiss
with both dry bleeding lips.
redraw your failing pixels
in brighter dawns, sirenic hopes,
and muffled alarms.
you're quite the beauty, juliet,
with your milk-and-honey hips
preserved perfect, traced
more than my own fears.
just then the airlock's yawning wide,
pulling darlings from their hiding.
we are lost again,
the tablet's split,
your vision's blurring mine.
all infinity inscribed
is thrown to wreckage.
how the hell am i
supposed to fly
this craft when you have let my neck?
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 20 0
budding universe thorns
quiet in the garden,
lace these paths with dying stars
and arching fragrances.
remake the dangers
daily, kissing like
misting eyes
leading the wisps
one wandering grip
at full tempo. deftly
dissent, o lips.
we're pressed to
the panic, drumming
our chests like
drifts in the snow
drape princes and foes
tell me your prints
are aligned
and i will resolve
to redraw,
or at least
i'll dissolve
my crawl.
cauterize all
of my weakness.
you've muted
my fleeting scars
and in return
teetering bloom,
fall into me.
if we near
my void may
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 16 7
i did not leave i assure you
when you're kept in my chest again
i spiral intent
and darling clutch the world
every sweater hole is worthy
so long as it's yours
to discover
when i'm crossing my legs
consent me, lover
trace me like the world
is ours
you can turn me
around again
and let me realign myself
with your answer
to the quiet
take my tongue
and shift
in migrant tones
to mean
your meaning
and keep me
on my toes
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 7 2
hands together when i kneel
i may not be much
but swear to christ i'll level you.
cut your teeth on me
and drink devil tongue
when we kiss.
unsettle your desperate itch
and lace your ligaments;
i will swallow you
within an inch
and own it.
i'll be bearing mary
up until the twist,
then rectify my wandering eye
with touch
of lips.
locked, you exist
to please me.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 64 34
translucent ink from spectral veins
despite these empty
bottles of ink,
ceasing this spilling
of black blood
across new parchment
was never a choice
that could be made,
even in a time
when choice seemed illusory
in the chaos
of conflicted passions
and conclusions as puzzling
as the questions they answer,
because a ghost
without a haunt
is just an empty whisper
carried on zephyrs
that may not exist,
and tiptoeing through dreams
whose seams were stitched
by five-year-old hands
that tangle and twist
the threads,
even the nimblest
of spectres
can easily get lost
in the warp and weft
of stubborn minds
at permanent cross-purposes –
it's a struggle
to push through, for sure,
but until that spark
goes out for good,
motion is a given,
even in apparent closure.
:iconladyoffrost:LadyOfFrost 5 10
when gaia left her shield
watched your lip
lost within your teeth
ask me never to relieve
and i anxiously agreed
softly sway
when i plead with you
dancing on fictitious ligaments
with the quickest sprinting grips
if you open me
brashly, star
i'll color every era after
in the fear of terra rasa
when the pedestal
chips again,
bite down and
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 7 2
sugar, honey
groove clashing
on goddess beach
beseeched by universes
to keep hands out
of reach
ruin mirrored
at the moment
of impact
two backs
together tuned
lack not
in rose complex,
no never
the falcon
when we criss-
cross the tall-
est gems,
tones harmonized
in karmic
all the earth
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 8 2
Operation Firestorm by MACKINN7 Operation Firestorm :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 271 0
(Harmful) Innocence
Look under that
Short, flaunting skirt,
And find vaginal scars -
You can fuck her
All you want ~
She's too numb to feel it.
:iconlmw-the-poet:LMW-The-Poet 12 17



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since i've been linking tangled songs, make sense to finish it off by posting this :D it's my favie love song ever :heart:

a bit premature (what else is new x3) but i was in a good mood. :)
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